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Small Business Bookkeeping Services

We manage your books so you can manage your business.

About Books & Payroll
One of the biggest challenges for your small business is finding the time to manage all of the accounting aspects. That’s where we can help. Darla Hansen of Books & Payroll specializes in providing accurate and timely bookkeeping services for all types of small businesses, freeing up time and providing peace of mind for clients.
Our Services

Bookkeeping/ Accounting

  • Data Entry

  • Reconciliation of Bank accounts

  • Journal Entries

  • Financial Statements

  • A/R Collections

  • Sales Tax Filing

  • Provider Tax Filing

  • Provide Year-end reports for tax preparation

Booking & Payroll serves businesses in both the Alexandria and Twin Cities areas of Minnesota, and remotely for other cities and states, getting to know each and every client, understanding and responding to their business needs, and making their lives a little simpler, by providing them with clean and accurate financial statements.

"I want you to know your help has been tremendous and without it I would not have been able to right side this business. Thanks so much Darla."
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