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Need assistance with audits? What about retirement? At Books and Payroll, we can help!


It's that time of year. You've turned in your taxes on time, and you're certain that this is the year you did it right. But then it happens, you get stuck with an audit from the IRS and you're not sure what to do next. 

Not only does Books and Payroll offer bookkeeping services to help make sure you aren't audited, but we also offer assistance to those who swear by the do-it-yourself system and need a little help with some tax filing aftermath. 

In addition to audit services, Books and Payroll also offers help in other areas (listed below): 

Audits and Other Services:

  • Assistance with Insurance Audits (as well as tax audits)

  • Administer Health Plans

  • Assist with 401(k) and/or retirement account reporting

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