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There are many different ways we can work together to provide your payroll based on your schedule and needs.


Is payroll new to you? Here at Books & Payroll we love payroll! 


We are a Full-Service Payroll company and can help you set up accounts with the state and federal agencies.


See below for our extensive Payroll services... 

Payroll Services:

  • Educate you on the city, state and federal government payroll requirements

  • Obtain or teach you on proper employment forms such as W-4, I-9 and W-9

  • Prepare payroll Weekly, Semi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

  • Payroll information can be called in, texted, emailed, faxed, etc.

  • Coach you on how to calculate taxes on paychecks (After the Fact payroll)

  • Take care of all payroll tax accounting reports for you such as Department of Labor & Industries, Employment Security Department, Form 941, Form 940 on monthly, quarterly and annual basis

  • All year-end reports such as W-2s and W-3

  • Prepare year-end 1099s and 1096s for independent contractors

  • Administer retirement plans such as 401Ks, SEP and SIMPLE IRA plans

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